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Mom's Guide

A mom's guide to her daughter's senior portraits

My goal is to give my seniors a next level experience... And MOM you're a part of that too.

Virtual Planning 

After inquiring, we will set up a date for a virtual planning session to set the tone for an amazing session.

I encourage parents to pop in for this meeting. Let your daughter do most of the talking and decide which locations/style/look she wants to incorporate into her shoot, but feel free to chime in with any logistical questions you might have.


The best number of outfits for a senior shoot is almost always 3! It’s not a hard rule, but it get’s stressful for both the senior, and her mom, when there are more than 2 outfit changes during a shoot…and really, her session is more about HER than her outfit! Let your daughter express her style in her outfit changes. During our virtual meeting, I will help her pick out colors/looks that look amazing and would love you to chime in with any suggestions or ideas you might have.

Day of Her Shoot
  • It’s wonderful when parents come with for their daughter’s senior shoot - it really is such a special day, and just so fun!! However, no one feels comfortable really letting their modeling skills shine when other people are watching. Definitely come with - you can grab coffee, rosé, or even have a little picnic - be close by, and there for your daughter to help with outfit changes/carrying things/and driving from location to location.

  • Shhh…don’t tell her, but towards the very end of her shoot, I always love to have you join in for a quick 5 minute Mom/Daughter session. These are my favorite shots!! You don’t have to worry about looking perfect before her session… just be you! It’s fun, and sweet, and I bet she will look back at these photos some point during college when she’s feeling a little bit homesick ;)

  • Make a day of it! Go out for dinner nearby after her session…reflect on the shoot, laugh about silly things that happened during the session..reflect on her favorite memories from high school and your favorite memories of her in high school! Let me know if you need any restaurant recommendations near your shoot!

Gallery Delivery
  • The gallery has hit your inbox!! Your patience has paid off :). I know you anticipation levels are high to click it open the second you receive it, but wait to look through everything when you and your daughter are together. She will be so happy you did.

  • Sharing photos - I love when mom’s show of their daughters senior portraits! Just make sure to double check with her before posting to make sure she likes the photo that you are sharing with the world…

  • Ordering prints - if your collection comes with a print credit, make sure to order those at least two months before her graduation party so you aren’t rushed to decide and receive them last minute.

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