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Senior Rep Program

Bohemian Dreams Photography is looking for Juniors or Seniors graduating in 2020 who are interested in being Senior Reps. This program is designed to promote Bohemian Dreams Photography in Exchange for free items such as sessions, prints and discounts. After you have been chosen, you will have a group photo session with the other Reps. This group session will be done earlier in the year so you can get the word out . Most seniors have their pictures taken between July and September, So it’s important that you show off your pictures to your friends as soon as you get them!. Each card will have my studio name and contact information on it, along with your picture and name. It is important that your friends bring this to their session so I can keep track of your referrals. The senior must book and complete a senior session in order for you to receive credit for their referral. 

-A free group styled session

- 50 senior rep cards

- 8 web images to share on social media (with watermark)

- Private web gallery for ordering and viewing images



-$25 cash (via visa gift card) OR $25 print credit

- 5 or more referrals you will receive your senior session free


As a senior who represents Bohemian Dreams Photography, We ask that you carry yourself in a positive way. This program is something that takes time and effort to gain referrals . You also must not promote anyone else but Bohemian Dreams Photography as a senior rep. 

As a Senior Rep, you'll Receive:

What you can earn:

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